[FrontWing] Corona Blossom Vol.3 Journey to the Stars (English)

Corona Blossom Vol.3 Cover
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Author: Chyvalle

Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

9 thoughts on “[FrontWing] Corona Blossom Vol.3 Journey to the Stars (English)”

  1. hello craneanime i have trouble to lunch the game i download the game extract everything and when i try to lunch it its say: steam setup: cannot load plugin krkrsteam.dll. I look for it its righ in the plugin section do you have a clue on what i’m suppose to do to play it? thx for your replie

    1. look at your directory is it there? if it’s there windows smartscreen/your anti virus blocking it

      if it’s not there try to extract again, turn off your AV/windows defender

          1. its actually work thx didn’t expect that to happen just by changing the file name but not gonna complain

  2. i wonder who thought of using a scientific name of a genus of lily flowers for the passwords your VNs. Haha btw, tnx for the game guys 😀

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