[ILLUSION] Honey Select

Honey Select Cover
Getchu | Official Website

Opening / Promotional Video

Sample CGs

You Must Install The Main Game First then the DLC
Oculus Rift VR + DLC ver.161014
Idol Set + Sexy Magician Set + DLC 161222
All Honey Select Stuff from Reddit included english UI https://pastebin.com/Z9kkjDjT
latest DLC is here on separated post

[ILLUSION] -Honey♥Select- Party DLC


Author: Chyvalle

Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

40 thoughts on “[ILLUSION] Honey Select”

      1. hey, after downloading it from Mega I unzip the 10 parts inside but it’s asking for a Password. what’s the password?

      1. I had the same error, but I figured it out and I’ll just post the solution if anyone else has trouble. Thanks for helping, I really appreciate it.

        I had both installation disks mounted at the same time on different drives, so the error stems from the installer looking for Disk 2 files in Disk 1. The solution is to just unmount Disk 1 from whatever drive and then mount Disk 2 on the same drive.

      1. Chyvalle anyone from the staff, please help for my problem is that i already downloaded the rar files and i tried extracting it and have put the password that was said in the FAQ’s Password: (zantedeschia or craneanime) but it seems to not really work IDK why but could you really please help me out here i mean it would be a great help and thank you ehehehehehe i had to download it overnight and i am so thrilled to try this game out, so i just need help with that part and thanks again??????????????????? 🙂

          1. Thanks I tried it again and it worked the 2nd time I am playing it well plus some are translated when I patched it with the English translate patch! 🙂

  1. anyone had problem with classroom map, my screen become blank when load that map, any advice? well i already download honey_03_plus0909g and nothing change

  2. can anyone help me please i got only black screen and yellow pointer when i start honey studio and i got failed to load mono error when i try honey select

        1. Please please please, I’ve exactly the same message!
          Doesn’t seem a critical error, but unable to understand this message.

          1. sorry i already solve this long time ago by myself i tried to understand on what it’s saying and i read back the previous comment that’s why i solve it

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