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[Sekai Project & Denpasoft] Ne no Kami The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto

VNDB | Official WebsiteA strange earthquake in Kyoto’s northern district; televised broadcasts of “paganist” cultists behaving abnormally; and spotting of “oni”-like beings spreading across all of Japan. Over time, people’s interest shifted back to the day-by-day goings on in the news, and their idle chatter. Those events were no longer worth discussing. Up until now, Ren has been living her life as a normal high school student. She suddenly reunites with Shinonome, her childhood friend from years ago, and is told– “Ren. As of today, I’m going to have you abandon this town… and your life.” Since reuniting with Shinonome, Ren is thrust onto the stage of “reality,” and the veil hiding the “truth” of this world is lifted. And — the girls’ lives are played with by the fate thrust upon them.For fan of Shoujo Ai.(more…)

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[Innocent Grey] Flowers -Le Volume sur Ete-

Flower Le Volume sur Ete Cover VNDB | EGS | Getchu | Official Website

[su_expand more_icon="icon: arrow-down" less_icon="icon: arrow-circle-up"]This is the all-ages sequel to FLOWERS -Le volume sur printemps-. In the season of first meetings, a girl with a wounded heart, Suou, found a friend and lover who would accept her. However, this friend and lover, left the school without telling her the reason. Suou was in denial about her loss, and fellow bookworm Erika was gravely worried and looked for a way to heal Suou’s broken heart.With the early arrival of summer, a girl Chidori transferred into the school. She approached Erika by chance and told her that she was a coward. It was the worst first meeting for the two who would end up being twinned by ‘Amitié’. [/su_expand](more…)

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[10mile] Katahane – An’ call Belle –

Katahane Deluxe Cover VNDB | EGS | Getchu | Official Website

[su_expand more_icon="icon: arrow-down" less_icon="icon: arrow-circle-up"]- new opening song by Blueberry&Yoghurt - new opening movie by yo-yu - 1280x720 HD resolution - compatible with latest windows OS - updated UIThe story takes place in a world with 3 kingdoms, the Red, White, and Blue Kingdom. In this world, they have highly-advanced dolls with some closely resembling humans. These dolls occasionally need maintenance which is done by a “tuner”.A young playwright named Wakaba writes a controversial play about a traitor named Ein who killed a ruler of the White Kingdom, Christina. In Wakaba’s play, she presumes that Ein did not betray Christina, but was actually her loyal supporter.When Wakaba’s friend Cero needs to make a trip to get Coco, a doll that lives with him, maintenance, Wakaba and her brother Light travel with him. Wakaba travels in the hopes of finding some actors for her play. Along the way, they meet a beautiful doll with one wing named Belle and an aspiring actress named Angelina.The story takes place in 2 parts:1) Shirohane - the main story with Wakaba and gang2) Kurohane - the historical events talking about the end of the reign of Christina[/su_expand](more…)

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[Innocent Grey] Flowers -Le Volume sur Automne-

Flowers 3 Cover VNDB | EGS | Getchu | Official Website

[su_expand more_icon="icon: arrow-down" less_icon="icon: arrow-circle-up"]Shirahane Suou, resolved in her search for (spoiler removed) -- who went missing following summer -- has gotten much closer to solving the mystery of her disappearance."I shall give you the key you seek, should you choose to succeed me as the president of the Council of Nicaea."Declared Yatsushiro Yuzuriha to her junior pursuing the shadow of her lost lover. Yuzuriha, knowing the mysteries of the academy, tried to thrust a burdensome demand to make her give up on that idea, despite knowing her true intentions; however, Yatsushiro Yuzuriha, gazing at her junior who seeks the truth, has also been holding on to a secret that should never see the light of day...A number of bizarre events arise in Saint Angraecum Academy in the days of autumn.Unreciprocated feelings of childhood friends, awakenings of affections, and many threads of love are interwoven together.A tale of love and truth entangled in complexity begins to unfold...Can you live with unrequited love?... [/su_expand](more…)

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[eye★phon] Tsui Yuri ~Okaa-san ni wa Naisho da yo~

Tsui Yuri ~Okaa-san ni wa Naisho da yo~ Cover VNDB | EGS | Getchu | Official Website

[su_expand more_icon="icon: arrow-down" less_icon="icon: arrow-circle-up"]Loving twin sisters, their "true" feelings.Sakura Ichika (serious, somewhat stubborn) and Sakura Futaba (friendly, youthful) are twin sisters who get along so well that their family and friends become astonished at times.No matter where they go or what they do, the two have always been together from a young age. Even after their surroundings change around them while growing up, their relationship still remains the same. There's never a day where Ichika (stable) isn't around Futaba (pampered), be it at home, school, or anywhere.But one day, their mother started to worry about them since they've been hanging around each other excessively. She warns them about the difference of getting along and relying on one another, and that no matter how close they are as sisters, it is not possible to stay together forever. After that, their relationship gradually begins to change bit by bit.On the other side of Ichika's feelings of "wanting to see Futaba's smiling face" are her worries of her personal desires considered unforgivable and "not normal." On the other side of Futaba's feelings of "wanting to always be together with Ichika" is her presence of mind lost in their diverging relationship.Their bond that harbors hidden emotions beyond that of sisters... What form will it take? And what kind of conclusions will come out of it all――? [/su_expand](more…)