[Akabei Soft2] W. L. O. Sekai Ren’ai Kikou

Game Cover
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Re-release with new package design and compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. Comes in two edition: standard and B2 tapestry (with new package art) included.

Takachiho-shi Yakotami-chou is a particularly powerful spiritual spot where humans and Tayutai work hard to coexist in harmony. There is a festival there called the Jintaisai which started naturally from their mutual expressions of gratitude. The Tayutai would create a gift using their powers and give it to the one that the human that they live with and love; in return, the human would share his own spiritual energy with the Tayutai. However, there was an incident at this year’s festival. It was one that no one could’ve imagined.

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