[Studio e.go!] Meguru Sekai de Towanaru Chikai o!

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The Amazumi Shrine in the mountains had suffered a great fire, but has since recovered. The four sisters who live there, Akiho, Minatsu, Mafuyu and Harune, were battling apparitions for the first time when they met a strange man Nayuta, who did not remember anything but his own name. He joins them in their fight and helps them bring the shrine back to prosperity. But there seems to be someone behind the influx of apparitions…

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[Studio e.go!] Castle Fantasia 2: The Sacred War Renewal (English)

Castle Fantasia 2 Cover

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[Studio e.go!] IZUMO 4

Izumo 4 is a collaboration project to celebrate the Light 15th and the Debo no Su Seisakusho 5th anniversaries.

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This is the latest game in Studio e.go!’s tactical battle RPG IZUMO series and the first since 2007 when they became Debonosu Works. Daichi attends Yakumo Academy with his sister-in-law Misora and childhood friend Honami, and is part of the local history research club. One chilly autumn day with the annual culture festival fast approaching, he was spellbound by a girl in the hallway who had very abnormal looks. Her hair was bone white and her eyes were blood red. She vanished an instant later like an illusion. He met her again the next day and was dragged into an extraordinary world.

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