[Quince Soft] Mono no Aware wa Sai no Koro.

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This is the debut work for QUINCE SOFT, a sister brand of Lump of Sugar. All Japanese people know the rules of e-sugoroku: roll the dice, move your piece, aim for the finish. However, for Akira and those around him who have also lost their memories, they have become the ‘pieces’ in a world that mimics this game. They have to compete with each other to be the first and only one to reach the finish line and escape the world.
With each roll of the die, they proceed around the streets of Kyoto basked in the fall colours. While following the commandments on the ’tiles’ they land on, they have to avoid the hidden dangers of the ‘board’. Along the way, the memories of ‘reality’ gradually return. Why is there two worlds: ‘sugiroku’ and ‘reality’? Why are they here?

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