[Pulltop] Love Kami -Sweet Stars- & -Trouble Goddess-

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This is the japanese version of Love Kami sweet stars and trouble goddess contains HCGs. The English version is available on the steam with Love Kami -Divinity Stage- and Love Kami -Useless Goddess-. This Package contains the original game from 2010 too.

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[Lass Pixy] Pure Marriage ~Akai Ito Monogatari – Celica Hen~

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Touma had admired Celica ever since he was young. He always went to watch her gaze lonelily into the distance from the tall tower and nicknamed her Rapunzel after the princess from the fairy tale. They did not talk to each other, and only verified each other’s presence each day.

This daily routine changed when her father allowed her to go outside for the first time. When she was walking around taking in her brand new surroundings, a speeding truck headed straight for her. Luckily, Touma was able to save her just in time. It was actually an absurd trial planned by her father, who asked that he marry her because he had passed it. As they had been attracted to one another since long ago, they exchanged vows and became a married couple.

However, just as Touma was about to begin a wonderful life with the pure and naive Celica, an unbelievable secret was revealed: she had the blood of a succubus inside of her!

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[NekoNeko Soft] Ruri no Kasane ~Imouto Monogatari~

game cover

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At a small shrine in the suburbs, the priest’s only son met his young relative Ruri when he was still a high school student. While they didn’t get along at first, they became close before they knew it.

One day, both of their parents passed away in an accident. They were both left without any relatives, and Ruri had only just entered elementary school. After much agonizing, he chose to live together with her.

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[Curefull Base] Tsugihagi Make Peace – Pretending x Friendship –

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This is the first game by Curefull Base. Yuuto was called out to the school rooftop by the student council leader Ayase after school. All five students who gathered there had a common trait: they had no friends. She asked them to pretend to be friends. She admitted that it was an outrageous request, but it was to help them build interpersonal skills so that they won’t still be alone after they graduated. Using her powers as the student council leader and persuasion skills, Ayase convinced all of them to participate in the trial.

“It’s fine if it’s just pretending. Well, it’ll work out because it’s not real. It’s not like we could make any real friends anyway.”

The ‘band of loners’ concept has been done multiple times before, but I’m still tempted to play this since the seiyuu cast is pretty strong, with Ogura Yui voicing Ayase and Tachibana Mao and Fujimori Yukina also playing prominent roles. There’s been a lot more worse games the past few months.

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[Harukaze] Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart 2

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This is the sequel for Noratoto, featuring new heroines Iris and Noel. Subheroine Nobuchina, Lucia and Eurasia get their own routes, while of course there are after stories for the main heroines of the previous game. The game takes place during the summer at the beach where Nora worked. Snow began to fall one day, signaling the Snow Queen Iris’ impending appearance.

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[Azarashi Soft Zero] Yami to Shukusai no Sanctuary

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Souji is the successor of the Izumo family’s traditional martial art form to defeat vengeful beings that harm humans. He accompanied his osananajimi Arisu, the daughter of the head of a world-leading zaibatsu, as her bodyguard to the distant island of Niizajima. She transferred to Jinza Gakuen to look for her older sister, who had disappeared without a trace.

There were many strange ‘rules’ on the island, which they believed were set in place to cover up a ‘secret’. With the help of Arisu’s osananajimi Yuuri, zaibatsu rival Claudette and mysterious classmate Yulie, as well as some strategy, they gradually got closer to the truth of the island. But what awaited them wasn’t Arisu’s older sister, but countless ‘apparitions’ that had been talked about in many stories.

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[Alcot Honey Comb] Kanojo wa Tenshi de Imouto de

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Yuuki has always attracted attention due to his superior looks and being the son of two entertainers. However, he has a quiet demeanour and did not feel comfortable in the spotlight, instead wishing for a more peaceful and ordinary life. But things don’t always go the way you want them to in life.

He met an angel by chance one night, who asked him if he wanted to become a god. Ignoring his perplexed response, she made him an ‘angel candidate’ and his life changed completely. First, the girl Touka became his imouto by using her powers to create a ‘miracle’. Moreover, two girls were sent to train him: the school’s prettiest girl and idol Mia, who was actually an angel; and, the solitary cool beauty genius girl Kazumi, who was actually a shinigami.

He was put through harsh training by the three girls, but could not become an angel, much less a god. Not only that but his osananajimi Erina, the only place of solace he could turn to, was awfully displeased with him since he’s been so close to other girls lately. Things really don’t go the way you want them to.

One year later, Yuuki still remained an angel-in-training. In fact, it’s like he hadn’t grown one bit. Would an angel without wings like him ever become a god? What kind of future awaits him?

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[Ensemble Sweet] Ubu na Otome no Ecchi na Onegai

Game Cover
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The protagonist is a student of an elite academy. He just wants to have an uneventful school life, but a call from his uncle changes everything.
His uncle is the chairman of a famous academy and is looking for a successor since he’s thinking of retiring soon. Therefore, he wants the protagonist to enroll and familiarize himself with the school.

And so begins his new school life.

Even though he only intends to spend his time inconspicuously, because his entrance exam’s score is the highest in the academy’s history, he becomes the center of attention.

And before he knows it, he’s come to know many young ladies, each with their own faults. What will happen to his school life?

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Game Cover
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This is the final chapter in GIGA’s long-running BALDR series.
Elis was formerly the manager of the virtual world VERTEX until she was driven from her position and stripped from almost all of her powers. She sat in the middle of the room in front of a huge machine, wondering if she would have to return to reality while making the final pre-activation checks. She breathed a sigh of relief as everything appeared ready, but then an alarm sounded the very next second.

“Please work!!”

‘He’ opened his eyes at the same time as her cry of desperation. It was the beginning of his consciousness as oil coursed through his steel body and his limbs moved according to electromagnetic pulses. After checking that he knew who she was, Elis asked a favour of him: to protect her from the viruses that were coming for her.

“I think I will help you. Is that alright?”

A few minutes later, as he looked down upon the wreckage of the defeated enemies, he was glad that he had protected her. She told him that he was a para-intelligence being and bestowed him with the name Fuji, short for “Dusk Bringer Sower of Huge”, the simulacrum that he was born in.

“Welcome to the virtual world, VERTEX!”

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[Windmill] Hyper→Highspeed→Genius Anniversary Pack

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Contains both the main game and fandisk
There are some people called ‘genius’ in this world who possess special abilities (Gift) and are responsible for protecting the world. There are three schools specially-designed to train them: Satsuki Gakuen, Saint July Academy and Minazuki Gakuen. One day, a hidden treasure ‘Noah’ which amplifies the abilities of its holder was discovered. Since whoever gained control of Noah would be able to rule the world, it was decided that the three schools merge together as Hazuki Gakuen and an election held to decide on who will become the world council leader. Kyuushirou wishes to gain control in order to change the world to his liking and makes a contract with the demon Mephisto. With his powers he would be able to persuade, cajole and control the election candidates, but what he actually wants is… love!

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