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[Campus] Hatsukoi * Syndrome

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Everyone says that your first love never comes true. Yuuto thinks that it is indeed true since he, like most others around him, had lost his first love. But unlike the others, his broken heart has still not healed to this day.Looking at the watch that his first love Haruka had gave to him as a present, he decided that he will finally move on from the past. He resolved to bury the watch under the giant cherry blossom tree on the school grounds, which is said to be seen as being in full bloom by those who are in love, and cut loose from his past regrets. However, there was a girl wearing an unfamiliar school uniform who had arrived there before him, looking up at the cherry blossom tree. Lunalight noticed him and asked him a question while smiling:“Do you want to fall in love?”The magician-in-training Lunalight wished to experience first love and also breaking up, in order to understand love and become a full-fledged magician. It was a fateful first meeting for Yuuto, who was still bound by his first love. He would also be reunited with the girl from his past, who had given up her first love to become a magician. What will become of the futures of these three, who are held captive by first love?


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[Campus] Fu’un no Kou’un to Koi Uranai no Tarot

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[su_expand more_icon="icon: arrow-down" less_icon="icon: arrow-circle-up"]Ten years ago, a fortune teller warned Kouta that the month of June ten years later will be unluckiest month of his life. The only way he could avoid the misfortune would be to find a lover who would share her good luck with him. He did not wish to fall in love with a stranger just to escape bad luck, so he entered the fated month and was besieged by numerous misfortunes. His childhood friend Akane, who’s training to be a fortune teller, offered to be his lover since she’s not a stranger. Not even the tarot cards can predict where their complex relationship will go.[/su_expand](more…)

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[Campus] Aki Uso -The Only Neat Thing To Do-

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[su_expand more_icon="icon: arrow-down" less_icon="icon: arrow-circle-up"]This is the third title in Campus’s Uso low-priced series, focusing on Eris. It follows the scenario of what happens at Mahoshi Gakuen if the magic contract didn’t end up in Satsuki’s hands and if Souichirou had protected Aoi from being taken over by the succubus.Four years ago, Souichirou came upon a girl under a row of maple trees, with boys twice her size sprawled out the ground around her. She had crimson red eyes and radiant golden hair. He realized via his special ability of detecting lies that she was not human. The girl Eris was in fact a vampire, the only daughter of the famous Cartlet family, who had run away from home to escape her parent’s strict rules and an impending arranged marriage.Now the two of them are really close, having lived together since that fateful meeting. One day, she did not feel well and he took care of her while she recovered. She asks him out of the blue to have sex with her. What is the true meaning behind her request!?[/su_expand](more…)

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[Campus] Deep Love Diary -Koibito Nikki-

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[su_expand more_icon="icon: arrow-down" less_icon="icon: arrow-circle-up"]Wataru met his fiancée Chika for the first time at a formal marriage interview. As strangers, they didn’t have any friendship between them, let alone feelings of love. They didn’t want to trouble their parents without any particular objections, but they were at a loss of what to do since they were both earnest students who had no dating experience.While Wataru had no issues with the beautiful and seemingly flawless Chika, he believed that it was pitiful for a man to have his love chosen for him. He wished to be free to choose his own bride. In return, Chika said that since their marriage had already been decided and she had no issues with his parents, she would be willing to marry him. However, it would be rude to him and their future children if she became his wife without having any feelings for him. So, she suggested that they work hard to become “true lovers” before their marriage date. Swayed by her reasoning, he agreed with her proposition.They promised to fall in love with each other, in order to ensure that their planned marriage will last. To this end, they created a “love diary” and try out the things which lovers do, like going out for a date, doing shopping while holding hands, cooking dinner and feeding each other, and much more. This is the first page of their true love.[/su_expand](more…)

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[Campus] Triangle Love -Apricot Fizz-

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[su_expand more_icon="icon: arrow-down" less_icon="icon: arrow-circle-up"]Mitsuru gets along quite well with Karin since they both enjoy going to the game center, bowling, playing darts and doing karaoke, among other things. Since Karin has a best friend in Ayame, it was inevitable that she would join them when they hung out. Even though it was one guy with two girls, they got along quite well and they spent most of their time together.Soon, Mitsuru began to have feelings for the outspoken Karin, who looks like she’s always playing around but actually has strong conviction, and the shy yet kind and considerate Ayame. Since they shared so many hobbies, Karin and Mitsuru gradually became attracted to each other and started going out. While Ayame had feelings for him as well, she was content to stay one step back and watch them while they continued to hang out as a group.Just before their second year, Karin suddenly transferred schools. Since her new school was quite far away and they wouldn’t be able to meet casually any more, she decided to cut ties with him. Even after Karin’s departure, Ayame was unable to convey her own feelings to Mitsuru since she didn’t want to betray Karin.Their ‘more than friends, less than lovers’ relationship continued for a year, until Ayame finally decided to confess to him at the beginning of their third year. However, Karin returned on that very day. What will become of their triangle relationship?[/su_expand](more…)

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[Campus] Haru Uso -Passing Memories-

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There’s a reason that people lie to each other. They can lie to protect themselves, to deny themselves, to deceive themselves, or to be able to move on. There are all kinds of lies and everyone has their own reasons for using them.

Protagonist Souichirou has the strange ability to see through those lies, though he can’t see the reason behind it. Naturally this power comes at a cost and he even comes to be known as the number one problem child at his school.

Souichirou’s story takes a turn when a new spring arrives and he is called out by one of the most popular girls in school, Himeno Satsuki. The difference between them is immense and yet she timidly tells him that she likes him, raising the curtain for a love story between the school’s number one problem child and the school’s most beautiful girl. (more…)