[Love Conquers All Games] Analogue: A Hate Story – The Review

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Do keep in mind that I write this review before playing the sequel, Hate Plus.

Analogue: A Hate Story is literally a hate story.  Beginning from the main character, a space handyman(or maybe detective?) being tasked to collect log files from a long-lost generation ship called “Mugunghwa”. Err, what is a generation ship you say? Just think of it as a Macross class spaceship. If you don’t know about Macross, then you should watch Macross series. But instead of fighting aliens using mechas, in this visual novel, there will be clashing beliefs and emotions. Continue reading “[Love Conquers All Games] Analogue: A Hate Story – The Review”

Game Review: Soma Bringer (NDS) (ENG Patched)

Hello, Dwi_Edge here and I’m going to review a NDS Game called Soma Bringer. This beautiful J-RPG never got localized to US so people might not know about it. But there’s english patch for the game, so I hope this will get more people to play it.

Soma Bringer Art

Continue reading “Game Review: Soma Bringer (NDS) (ENG Patched)”