[Island Belle] Dolphin Blade

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This is the first title by Island Belle. “Dolphin blade” is a marine race sport featuring girls in swimsuits on motorized float shoes. It is especially popular in Yamato, the 81st island district of the United Federation.
Kousuke is an employee at the leading Aihara Electronics Corporation. His business performance was excellent thanks to sweet-talking his boss and he appeared to be on the track to certain success. However, his boss was then dismissed for an ‘indecent act’ and he also came under suspicion of similar conduct. Despite being spared a similar fate due to lack of evidence, he was involuntarily transferred to a sub-subsidiary as the new manager of a dolphin blade team.
Even though the team had some skilled members, they were unable to attain any good results every year, accruing a huge debt in the process. He would not be able to return to Aihara if the debt is not fully paid off. It was clear that the upper management intended to get rid of him, but he was determined to do his best to prove them wrong.

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[Escu:de] Akatoki 2! -Tsumugu Mahou to Koboreru Hikari-

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Takachiho-shi Yakotami-chou is a particularly powerful spiritual spot where humans and Tayutai work hard to coexist in harmony. There is a festival there called the Jintaisai which started naturally from their mutual expressions of gratitude. The Tayutai would create a gift using their powers and give it to the one that the human that they live with and love; in return, the human would share his own spiritual energy with the Tayutai. However, there was an incident at this year’s festival. It was one that no one could’ve imagined.

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[Enishi Soft] Oni ga Kuru. ~Ane ga Hinshi de Pinchi Desu~

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The goddess Kohime appeared before Haruto to save his sick older sister Haruko. However, she wasn’t able to save her since he did not have enough faith. He devoted his time to increasing his faith, but Haruko mistakenly thought that Kohime was taking his little brother from her. She responded by doting on him even more than usual. Meanwhile, Kohime was using her status to make him do all her work, while his childhood friend Riri was stalking him from afar as usual. Their fight over him intensifies day by day. What will become of Haruko’s destiny?

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[Miti] Hoshifuru Yoru no Farnese

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There once was a ‘good witch’ who used magic to bring prosperity to the world. The people were grateful to her and enjoyed her benevolence. However, a ‘bad witch’ appeared and incited the humans to kill her virtuous counterpart. With the powerful and wise ‘good witch’ no longer around, the ‘bad witch’ was free to do as she pleased.
The people suffered as she brought on fires and floods, destroying and corrupting everything she touched. They managed to kill her too and vowed to forget about magic, but she had cast a curse upon the world: witches will continue to exist in the world. Thus began a hunt for the ‘witches’ with the intent on exterminating them all. This is the beginning of the ‘star hunt’, which has continued for hundreds of years.
Etoile stood in the middle of a church in the capital, nervously awaiting the opening of a ‘star hunt’ trial. He was a new ‘astrologer’, tasked with defending a client for the first time. He was barely able to prove her innocence, although he hadn’t been able to find the true culprit.
Afterwards, a witch with a dog familiar suddenly appeared in front of him. She called herself the ‘Witch of Justice’ and offered to assist him. It is up to them to take back the ‘starry sky’!

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[Studio Orca] Yuganda Uso no Koi to Letter

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In the past, Sakuraba Maki – the protagonist, was in a love relationship with a childhood friend. The two tried to imitate the adult, doing sexual intercourse in secret, but because of that, the girl ran away. As she left the town, Maki’s action were treated as a “mistake”, which quickly became a bad rumor.

The rumor dissipated over the year, and now that he has become 2nd year on the school. Early June, on the final exam day, he covered over his cousin who is being harassed by the boys, and because of that Maki caused a trivial problem. With that being the trigger, the old label starts to reappear again. Maki who gave up resisting, on the contrary started to enjoy the situation instead by doing things according to the rumor. Consistently acting as a “Brute”.

Suddenly the “first partner” returned to the town, Kuramochi Saeko the childhood friend. A cousin who wants to be “forgiven” for the trouble caused, Kurose Yuki. Sharing secrets with only the two of them, the “accomplice” Akechi Yunia. Full of acting, protecting the “pride” of oneself, inseparable bond with Shiona Ikumi. Right eye injured for some reason, fearful but making “want to protect” feeling, Shiona Asami the fake lover.

As various accidental things overlap, Maki will be overlapping bodies (unintended pun) with several girls at the same time. New experience, and unknown pleasure―― To clear up from pent up anger, trying various kind of play, hooked in by the depth of sex. While Maki indulging himself with girls, the girls got a glimpse of Maki’s real face, which eventually progress into a relationship with feelings.

That feelings, was it “Pure Love” or “Distorted Love”――

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[Torotoro Resistance] Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG Zenshou (ENGLISH)

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Lose and be ravished by the vamps!
Battles sexy enchantresses, where failure ends in reverse rape!
Party members are also monster girls who wildly fuck the hero!
There’s never a scene where the hero’s in charge…

This! Is! Monmusu Quest!

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[Love Conquers All Games] Analogue: A Hate Story – The Review

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Do keep in mind that I write this review before playing the sequel, Hate Plus.

Analogue: A Hate Story is literally a hate story.  Beginning from the main character, a space handyman(or maybe detective?) being tasked to collect log files from a long-lost generation ship called “Mugunghwa”. Err, what is a generation ship you say? Just think of it as a Macross class spaceship. If you don’t know about Macross, then you should watch Macross series. But instead of fighting aliens using mechas, in this visual novel, there will be clashing beliefs and emotions. Continue reading “[Love Conquers All Games] Analogue: A Hate Story – The Review”