[Tanuki Soft] Onii-chan Daisuki!

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Osamu was born a siscon. He has taken care of his imouto Rio from the moment she was born, as well as his imouto Mio since she joined his family from his father’s remarriage. Every day he was on cloud nine being together with his two imoutos.
Finally came the day when they started attending the nearby school that he also went to. When he saw them in their school uniforms for the first time, his heart started beating faster as he gazed upon their slightly matured figures. Could it be love? Yes, he had begun to have a (sexual) affection for them.

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[Vanadis] Mezase! Monmusu Idol ♪

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One time at a live, the huge idol fan Homura came across a path where those affiliated with idols crossed. Out of sheer curiosity, he tried to sneak in and possibly meet an idol. However, he was quickly noticed and ran away, hiding in a side room. That’s when he came face-to-face with his favourite idol, Nere. He was moved at the chance meeting, but something was amiss.
“Y-You’re not human!?”
He was confused why she did not look like a human, despite her human form on stage. Many people quickly came in and accosted him; There was no way he was leaving, having found out her secret. Fearing for his life, he began to talk passionately about idols. Even though it was quite unexpected, the staff took an interest in him and made him Nere’s attendant. But she needs to regularly receive energy in order to keep her monster form hidden. They gradually got closer as he aimed to make her the top idol in the world. Will he be able to make her dream come true?
Idols are all the craze right now. You’ve got to stand out to make it in this cutthroat business, and what better way to do so than having multiple limbs. The game is basically an idol raising simulator. You have to plan out her training and take on work to earn more fans. It’s pretty basic, so the game’s mainly for those who likes both monster girls and idols.

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[MOONSTONE] Princess Evangile W Happiness (ENGLISH)

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Fandisc of Princess Evangile, composing of 4 after stories for the heroines and 5 short stories for the sub-heroines.
With the inclusion of the common route of the original game as an extra (Manga Gamer Release).

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[ωstar] Bishoujo Mangekyou -Tsumi to Batsu no Shoujo-

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Yuuma is on leave from school since being hospitalized due to a certain incident. He reunited with his beautiful twin sister Yuuri for the first time in a year and began to live with her, but he had a secret that he could not tell her: he is deeply in love with her. When that secret came to light, love turned to madness and he was assaulted…

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[MOONSTONE] Sakuranomori†Dreamers2

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This is the sequel to Moonstone’s action thriller Sakura no Mori † Dreamers, composed of a main route and a Madoka route, both of which take place in the second school term after summer vacation if Shinji does not get in a relationship with any of the other girls. While the two routes are separate from each other, there is a common element which links them together, so the reader is encouraged to play both.
With the defeat of the Joker, all the bodachs disappeared from Sakuranomori. Peace returned, but it was only for a fleeting moment. A new nightmare had begun; It was a crimson world with man-eating monsters where the murderer who was supposed to be dead still wandered. Death in this world resulted into death in reality. The Sakuranomori Dreamers once again threw themselves into battle, to protect the town and those they loved.
On the other hand, the daily life with Madoka unfolds. But is it only a sweet nightmare?

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[Escu:de] Re;Lord Episode 3 ~Grossen no Maou to Saigo no Majo~

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This is the third and final episode in Escu:de’s Re;Lord series. Following the liberation of Herford and Cologne, Iris was captured by Adler’s Jäger unit. Since she possessed too much sensitive information to fall into enemy hands, including the concealment of his own magic and plans for a rebellion, Wilfried pursued them into Greiz instead of going after the third witch.

Greiz is a middle-sized city in the center of Groesen, and it is home to the capitol. However, there were no trains entering the castle town, and the hustle and bustle of the past was eerily missing. Surprisingly, it was also under the territory of the third witch. He was forced to fight on two fronts, as fate also seemed to conspire against him. Wilfried’s final battle has begun.

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[Campus] Fuyu Uso -Snow World End-

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This is the fourth and final game in Campus’ Uso series, focusing on Setsuka. It follows the scenario of what happens at Mahoshi Gakuen if the magic contract didn’t end up in Satsuki’s hands, Souichirou had protected Aoi from being taken over by the succubus, and Eris didn’t find what she was looking for with Shizuku.
Everyone lies, whether it be to protect, to deny, to misrepresent, or to keep things unchanged.

In spring, Souichirou met Satsuki for the first time and she shortly thereafter was welcomed as a new club member.
In summer, he was busy preparing for the Mahoshi festival with Aoi and the student council.
In autumn, he was caught up in some trouble involving his longtime friend Eris.
Then came today, the first day of snow. He didn’t know the reason, but he could tell that it was a lie.

Even though he always found it hard to deal with her…
Even though he thought that their paths would never cross…
Even though it seemed that he must not reach for her…
— he could not betray his true feelings.

“I love you, Teidou-senpai. Please go out with me.”

It was the beginning of a story about the snow world end.

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[Madosoft] Wagamama High Spec (English)

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The story revolves around Narumi Kouki, a high school student who also draws a manga serialized in a weekly magazine. Because the manga he draws is a risqué romantic comedy, he keeps this fact a secret from everyone around him, with his younger sister Toa and his sister’s best friend Mihiro being the only ones who know.

But one day, as the student council president Rokuonji Kaoruko is searching for male members for the student council, she finds out that Kouki is the manga’s author. Kouki joins the student council in exchange for Kaoruko not revealing his secret. However, the vice president, Sakuragi R. Ashe, strongly opposes him joining, and in the midst of all this, various requests and troubles of students begin to pile up.

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[Circus] D.S. -Dal Segno- (ENGLISH)

Dal Segno Cover
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[Sprite] Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm EXTRA 1

Game Cover
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Extra 1 is the after story for Mashiro. A senpai who she admires. The senpai who she loves. Friends with whom she could confide her worries and do her best. Just by showing a little bit of courage, she was able to obtain so many precious relationships. Mashiro thought that she has finally reached the happy end.

However, she was barely passing her classes. She lost completely in a sweets battle to Rika and Arika. On top of that, Misaki and Asuka declared that they are Masaya’s lovers!? At this rate, her dear senpai would be taken from her, she’ll have to repeat a year, and Mashiro Udon would go out of business!?

Mashiro’s mother Botan suddenly suggested that she and Masaya go on an overnight date. She declared that she’ll make a tasty bento for him and dress up nicely. With the help of the others, she trained really hard to up her feminine qualities before the date. Will they reach the true happy end!?

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