Dwi_Edge (Administrator)

I do everything that this thing needs me to do.
I play Dota2, Strategy Games, RPG’s, also read VN’s sometimes, watch anime whenever i feel like it.

Altrouge (死徒における吸血姫)

Type-Moon Fans, Origin Unknown. Server Stuff.

Chyvalle (Superman)

Doujin music enthusiast, only play some VN right now, busy with mobage. You can find him almost in every MMORPG/Mobage nicknamed Chyvalle or Cathorinou. His job is doing everything here (Uploading, Review, Replying Post)



Rozenberg (Freelance Translator)

Wasting money on placebo stuffs, now aiming to collect cartoon porn.

Sunclaudius (Documents)

Yurism, KagakuADV fans & Kancolleism.

QAI (Techincal Stuff)

I am just fellow human with pervert taste. Anyone who want an enlightenment can pm me. He really loves trap.

Tsundere Lovers
Tsundere Lover (Miscellanous Stuff)

Medical doctor who likes lewd stuff… and working behind the scene for craneanime (did nothing at all). Actually he’s the one who made Shining Rose became our sponsor.