Before you ask any question, please be sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions below.

It’s Recommended you do these things before playing visual novel/any games:

-Recommended to download all of our files using JDownloader (Click Here)
-Install all Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable from 2005 to the latest
-Update your DirectX to the latest
-Change your Region, System Locale and Time Zone to Japan(minimum System Locale is Japan. If it doesn’t work some games require Time Zone and Region to Japan too)
-Japanese language installed for your system
-Disable your UAC (User Account Control), optional for sake easy installation.
-Install some archiver program like WinRAR, 7-zip(free) to latest version.
-Turn off your Antivirus(optional,but some crack can get false positive from antivirus)
How to Install
1. Extract The files
2. Run the ISO Using mount software (DAEMON Tools,etc)
3. Run The Setup from ISO
4. Use the crack (if needed)

Q: What is the Password Guys ?
A: It’s zantedeschia or craneanime

Q: What is this .rar.part01 , game.001???
A:  After you download all the parts, extract part 01 with winrar, use 7zip for .001

Q: Where is the Crack?
A: Sometimes we do not include a crack so you can ask in comment section

Q: The Rar is Corrupted
A: We always include a RR (Recovery Record) 10 % in our files so you can try to repair it using winRAR, How? Google it OR you can re-download the files

Q: Is this VN translated?
A: Please guys, just check the vndb you can see it is being translated or not

Q: I can’t run the game/the game is crashing
A: Please describe your problem and attach your screenshot in comment section and make sure you already changed your System Locale, Region, Time and Language to Japan

Miscellaneous Tools For Visual Novel

AplhaRomCracker = You can crack most VN by this Program, Simply just run the program and drop your visual novel exe file to the program
Microsoft AppLocale = If you want to Run a Visual Novel without changing your System Locale (Sometimes it doesn’t work)
Locale Emulator = Microsoft App Locale Alternative with advanced features
No Region Loader = Sometimes the game just doesn’t work with Jap Locale and you still need this, example


If you can’t find the answer to your problem here, you can either leave a comment on the specific post or find us at the Forum / IRC.