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Tsuguhiko is an aspiring eroge writer who is actually the reincarnation of the demon king. He bides his time as a normal student while awaiting for his reawakening and chance to take over the world.
However, he was attacked by the valkyrie Ixseal on that long-awaited day, who had come to exterminate him. He managed to escape, but he was betrayed by his right-hand man Bezel and left with no powers except for the power of ‘lust’.
He joined forces with Ixseal, who had also been trapped on Earth by Bezel, to fight against Bezel and his army of demons. To defeat these strong demons, Tsuguhiko uses the only power that he had left to power up Ixseal: lust (sex).
Will this joint alliance between antagonistic forces result in victory?

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