[ILLUSION] -Honey♥Select- Party DLC

Honey Select DLC
Getchu | Official Website

Included Manual, VR, Bikini +Armor Costume
must have the main game, here

Opening / Promotional Video

Sample CGs


Author: Chyvalle

Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

40 thoughts on “[ILLUSION] -Honey♥Select- Party DLC”

        1. the DISK1 iso file is broken cause the whole rar is corrupt, I tried using recovery,still no use DISK1.iso is lost to us 🙁 wasted time and internet. I think I will try somewhere else later I guess.

    1. Open the files in the mounted CD
      Go into the “copy” folder
      Go into the “setup” folder
      Put everything where your game is located

      1. Lol, it is actually but the game doesn’t Launch you could say. The window of the game just hangs around in the middle of my screen doing nothing and the game sound plays like it would normally do except nothing is displayed :/. Also, the game is taking Cpu usage so I don’t know wtf is going on xD. Tried a fresh reinstall of both the main game and the party dlc and Its still not working.

          1. Tried revo and it worked like a charm! Must have been a weird Issue with the registry or something. Thx for the help! ^^. Now to reinstall all my mods… -_-

          2. jesus. its easy to manage all mods in honey select. just put it in one folder. now giving credits to each modders is harder than that

          3. Yes I know, that’s what I do. It’s just a hassle having to reinstall them once again on a fresh copy of the game. I’m sure that you understand that.

  1. so, to install this i extract the files from each of the zip files and mount the disks, just like the main HS game?

  2. What am I doing wrong? When I try to extract it says that it’s the wrong password for zantedeschia or craneanime

    1. I get a data error when I use this password :/
      Part 1 unzips fine with it, but with the other parts, no chance (same for craneanime as PW)

  3. Hello, I would like to know if this game will work on my video card that DX 10 or will give some error when opened (I am Brazilian I used google translator) thank you for replying??????????????????????????????

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