[Mangagamer] Neko-nin exHeart (ENG)

Neko-nin exHeart Cover
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Author: Chyvalle

Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

14 thoughts on “[Mangagamer] Neko-nin exHeart (ENG)”

      1. “Alternate Download Link”
        The site require registration; though so, I have a tough time to register. I can’t understand most of them.

        I suppose, is not a language i am used to. I do know malay language though.

          1. Thank you , that’s 1 of the way. Though i am worry of the security issue.
            Part of the reason being that is a language I could not understand; the other is that the site behave a bit weird to me.

            though so, it’s also an option.
            btw, I downloaded the file using MEGA. Thx

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