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The packaged version of A1~A5.

Bundled with 4 privilege:
1. Tapestry
2. Majikoi A material book
3. Set of colored paper drawn/written by wagi
4. Matsukaze goods

In short A1-A5, plus Bonus Disk(Mogami Aki, Thelma Muler, and Bushou).

Sample CGs

  • ..UnStopable.LoLicon..

    Wait…Is every single majikoi A series in here? then what’s the diff in other series?

    • yes plus bonus cg

      • ..UnStopable.LoLicon..

        yeah and i leared 3 bonus routes like a onus series.

  • Kirigaya Keima

    There add another one a A plus disk

  • Rei

    Are this pack also including english patch for A-1 and A-2.?

  • Eki Ardiansyah
  • Vizdude

    Hi whats the password for extracting it from winrar? thanks

  • Wiguna Seta

    Can you upload in another link

  • Adriane Raver V. Abejo

    Hi what is the password for extracting the rar, thank you

  • Adriane Raver V. Abejo
    • artour

      where did you download the crack? thanks i just found 13 parts to download and I want to know if the crack is included there thanks!

  • Yato A. Uchiha

    Includes material’s book?

  • Fabiorifky Irawan Putra

    Can I have the password please? ^^

  • artour

    where can you download the crack? is it included in the 13 parts. Thanks in advance

  • john_titor

    what is the password?

  • john_titor

    The password to extract its “zantedeschia”

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