[MangaGamer] Rance 5D – The Lonely Girl & Rance VI – Collapse of Zeth

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Bundle pack containing both Rance 5D and Rance VI, they won’t be sold separately.

Rance 5D will the be unaltered 640×480 version.
Rance VI will be remastered into 1280×960.

Opening / Promotional Video

Rance 5D

Rance VI

Sample CGs

  • No Name

    Admin i want play this game Venus Blood -Hypno-, you have it please postin i download. Thanks https://vndb.org/v15641

    • QAI

      Sure i will post it when done.

  • Acong

    English ?

  • Zeroshi

    Thank you! I played Sengoku Rance and aways wanted to play the other ones.
    Bookmarked o/

  • Vix