Shin Koihime Eiyuutan Cover
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Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

  • Ade Fauzy

    is this including original version ? or just new version

    • just check the vndb link above

      • karisa

        i do not know the password because the password *sigh* is incorrect. please tell me the password please i beg you

  • Rei

    Still no english translation for this one.?

    • well just check the vndb if it isn’t there, nope then

    • ReiOkan

      Go learn Japanese. It’s better than waiting translations and works for all Japanese games.

  • Janusz Fabrowski
    • seriously? read the FAQ
      you’re not installing the C++ library required for this game

  • karisa

    your password links are incorrect please tell me the real password please

    • what?

    • Unknown Vagrant

      The password you used was probably copied wrongly with a space at the end.
      Please investigate errors yourself in the future, nobody is going to spoon-feed you in real life.

  • S.Islam


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