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Author: Chyvalle

Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

28 thoughts on “[Key] Rewrite+”

  1. wait, that is scene from Rewrite Harvest Festa
    seems like it just merged the Harvest Festa and Normal Rewrite
    and dat size..uh..12GB+ (maybe its from Rewrite 8GB + Rewrite Harvest Festa 4GB)

    better play it to see the content

  2. When i want to extract AlphaPatcher.rar, when i tried both zantedeschia and craneanime for the password, both gave an error stating that the password is wrong.

  3. wait is it worth to download??I like rewrite anime but this game(maybe)is too big and 13hrs to be downloaded sooo it is worth to download??

  4. There is an error in extracting the files, specifically at the parts 3, 15, 17, and 28. I redownloaded it a few times but still didn’t work.. The error said that the file is corrupted, or wrong password (which is unlikely).

      1. Yah, I did but, I dunno, The error’s still there.. By the way is there a separated post where I can DL only the Harvest Festa? I already read the first one..

  5. I just installed Rewrite + and got it working, but what is the Harvest Festa CD for? Is it necessary to play Rewrite+? Because as far as I can tell I’m running the game without having to use the Harvest Festa CD for anything

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