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Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

  • Iwan Susanto

    Wew rewrite +, plus ero? hahaa

  • Kirika

    wait, that is scene from Rewrite Harvest Festa
    seems like it just merged the Harvest Festa and Normal Rewrite
    and dat size..uh..12GB+ (maybe its from Rewrite 8GB + Rewrite Harvest Festa 4GB)

    better play it to see the content

    • Gabby

      Rewrite + 7.33 GB and Rewrite HF7.04 GB = 14.3 GB

  • Elvis Yong

    When i want to extract AlphaPatcher.rar, when i tried both zantedeschia and craneanime for the password, both gave an error stating that the password is wrong.

  • i can’t open the alphapatcher, both password possibilities are invalid

  • Satou Megumin

    Is this the english version of the game?

  • matt_capili

    wait is it worth to download??I like rewrite anime but this game(maybe)is too big and 13hrs to be downloaded sooo it is worth to download??

    • well if you want to know the full story

  • Marcos Vinicius

    Harvest Festa translated?

  • Pedro Câmara

    What’s the password? ;-;

  • Simon Osorio

    What is the game password? Game, dont alphapatcher.

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