[Escu:de] Yuusei Tenshi Primaveil Drei

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Author: Chyvalle

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12 thoughts on “[Escu:de] Yuusei Tenshi Primaveil Drei”

  1. Hello! I was wondering if I could have some help…? I’ve downloaded the game from your link and set my locale to Japanese, but the contents of all nine zip folders appears to be identical? I tried mounting just the contents of the first folder, and installed what I thought was the game, but appears to be just the main menu, as it auto-closes when I click new game and mentions something about an error relating to the BG01 file. Any idea on what I can do to actually play this…? Thanks in advance!!

      1. No, I mean, the contents of part1 is identical to part2, and part3 and so on. I try to extract part2 to the same folder as part1 and it says that the files are the same and asks me if I want to replace them.

        1. It’s like that for all of them as well. Even though I can see that Part9 has a smaller file size. I…I really don’t know what to do here, I’m sorry. I’ve extracted part1, and when I try to extract the others into the same folder, it tells me they’re identical. If I try a different folder, and mounting each separately, they do, indeed, appear to contain the exact same files. No tutorial I can find addresses these issues, either, I’m relly sorry for bothering you.

          1. Now I’m confused… You said, and logic would dictate, that I have to extract all of them. But, to where?
            … Backing up a moment, in (the very likely) case that I screwed up during extraction, I’ve got the nine zip folders, and have installed the crack and AlphaROM. What exactly do I do next…?
            I assume it’s ‘extract all nine parts, then mount from part1’, but where do I send the extracted files? The same directory? Different ones? I’m at a loss as to how, considering when I extract part2 into the same directory as part1, it tells me that the files are the same and asks me if I want to cancel the extraction, or replace the files of part1 with part2
            Thank you again for your attempts to help so far, I really appreciate it.

          2. I could include screenshots if that might help? Or if there’s a highly-detailed hold-your-hand-style step-by-step guide I could follow, or someone else who could help me…? I’m sorry! I just really want to play through this after reading about it, and I’d like to stop bothering you as soon as possible because I’m sure you have plenty of better things to do, but I’m at a complete loss as to how to do this, I’m sorry >///<

          3. I’ve read it through repeatedly – and to the letter – but it doesn’t even come close to telling me what I should do next. It’s getting to the point where I want to cry in frustration.

  2. Hi, i download all the files on the download link and was successful on running the first 2 games.
    When i start the third game I’m able see the title screen but when I click on the “New Game” option the game crashs. I think that it must be something related with im not being able to update the game with the Update101.
    I also can’t open the AlphaPatcher.rar that was on the download link even using the passwords that are on the F https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/66f02bd021886ec4e467b379994430f32591aeac42fcb8aaaf1b72fd1a9a02b3.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5fff826b8f3744df861a5c0dfb8d1f0f319fc356b4d6d7f9414f15cc0173d383.png AQ.

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