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Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

  • 13grovyle .

    Any idea how to fix this?

    • try to reinstall the game but turn off your antivirus first

  • vasya300

    the same question. How to fix this?

  • hehexd1337

    got the same problem without even having an antivirus

  • Janusz Fabrowski

    how fix ??

  • Danny

    Thanks for the upload. Sorry, in case it’s a bit late for me to comment on this, but I need help. The game won’t run at all, which is weird, considering everyone else in the comments managed to actually get it running. I set my Locale Emulator to Japanese, turned off my Anti-Virus, tried Compatibility mode, tried AlphaROM Cracker, and most importantly I checked the FAQ. Now, what exactly am I doing wrong?

    • turn off UAC? i think this one doesn’t need alpha rom

      • Danny

        Nope, didn’t do it. Maybe something went wrong during the installation? There’s not even a log about it in the Event Viewer.

        • so basically you run the exe and it didn’t run? try to run as administrator may be. Strange

          • Danny

            Did that too obviously, no luck. This is my first time downloading something from your site here, but I doubt it’s any different from the other sites. And I don’t want to believe the files have somehow become corrupt over the last months.

          • sad @_@
            I can’t even help if there’s no log or screenshot. Did the exe appear in task maanger?

          • Danny

            I know, sorry. But there’s not much I can show in this situation, and no there was nothing. Could you try and see for yourself if the files you provided are working properly?

          • i already finished the game @_@
            i will try to install it again tomorrow

          • Danny

            Thanks, fam.

          • i can run it just fine

          • Danny

            Odd. I downloaded the game from another site and the result was the same. I guess it must be my own computer at fault here. Ah whatever doesn’t really matter anymore. Thanks for the help anyways!

          • yeah probably some AV may be block it or admin problem

          • Danny

            So I tried to run the game on my Laptop, which is Windows 10, and it seems that actually worked flawlessly. My Pc is windows 7 perhaps im missing some sort of tool or whatever

          • yeah may be you should re-install the OS with the latest update :p

          • Nico Keenan

            you probably just had security software installed, i know i have malwarebytes and it deletes the exe as riskware

  • OvyWan

    Hello, I have a problem too, the game work nice but I dont find a patch to english text, does it exist ?

    (Sorry for my poorly whriten I’m not realy good in english ^^)

  • Shiro Neko

    they asked for the password to open the file can i check what it is

  • DrThreee

    Is there a english patch out yet? Looks pretty promising but i dont know japanese.

  • x KoPer
    • ugh read the comments below you

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