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Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

  • zeheart

    thank for your hard work

  • Me Lee

    Thanks, was charm by the both opening of the game.

  • Ade Fauzy

    can you tell me how to fix this ?
    i already change my unicode to japan

  • fNeL

    Ty for upload!

  • Silver Stars

    How !!! TT^TT

  • Rikuri Fururu

    i already use siglus but it says command line is error, plz helpu me !!

    • use no region loader or change your region

      • Rikuri Fururu

        i already change it to japan…. and can`t use without region, but still cannot

  • Ahmad Muhamad Latif

    I Have A Problem Here…Can I Ask For The Password ?…

  • Fabio Yusuf

    Single Link. ?

  • Mohamad Hilal


  • I AM

    is this already in english?

  • Cohen Donaldson


    • Minh Hoang

      on FAQ

  • Shiro Guilty

    no english sub?

  • Minh Hoang

    Thanks ad

  • Otaku Ice


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