[Alcot] Clover Day’s Plus

Clover's Day Plus
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Opening / Promotional Video
Sample CGs


  1. Thanks for the upload!! really wanted to play this one (well now that i have vacations this month i can play it ^^ )

  2. Both passwords failed when I tried to extract them with 7Zip? Could you confirm this (and possibly fix) this for me? Thanks 🙂

  3. I’m new to downloading visual novels, so can someone help me (with this game in particular :P). So, after I download all of the files, I’m not sure what to do next since there are like 13 zip files. Should I unzip all of them and put them all under one file and start playing, or is there some other stuff I should do?

      1. thanks i tried to patch plus from official site english translator but they don’t have that’s why i make it error , when i didn’t patch it the game is working with 3D

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