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Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

  • zeheart

    ummm well this happend

    • try to update your winrar or just repair the RAR files

      • Roby

        Dude how to install? what am i gonna do on the seperate files?

  • Bai Bye

    what do I do with dis..??

    • you must enter the number in the box from your screenshot you need to enter: 三九九七 (3997)

      • Bai Bye


      • Zaous

        When i enter 三九九七,box opening again,again and again,and then game crash

        • wut it depends on your screen what is the number, read it carefully please

          • Zaous

            sry,already activate game

      • Echo_Loco

        i’m entering the number that corresponds with each kanji numerical characters but it’s not working.

  • Damon Kaewborisut

    i’m here new, so can someone help me how to install this game?

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