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Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

  • zeheart

    ummm well this happend

    • try to update your winrar or just repair the RAR files

      • Roby

        Dude how to install? what am i gonna do on the seperate files?

  • Bai Bye

    what do I do with dis..??

    • you must enter the number in the box from your screenshot you need to enter: 三九九七 (3997)

      • Bai Bye


      • Zaous

        When i enter 三九九七,box opening again,again and again,and then game crash

        • wut it depends on your screen what is the number, read it carefully please

          • Zaous

            sry,already activate game

      • Echo_Loco

        i’m entering the number that corresponds with each kanji numerical characters but it’s not working.

      • Shiney79

        Same thing is happening to me, I’m inputting the numbers as shown by the kanji (in my case 4522) but the dialogue box just closes, then pops up again with the same four number characters.

  • Damon Kaewborisut

    i’m here new, so can someone help me how to install this game?

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