[XUSE] Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2- [ENG]

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31 thoughts on “[XUSE] Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2- [ENG]”

  1. Ok so I downloaded it today and it installed and booted up the first time no problem and let me play for a while. I closed it because I had to go take care of something and now when I launch it, it gives me this error code hr8876086c. Anyone here able to help me fix it? Thanks in advance.

      1. Just tried and it still gives me the same error sadly. I can’t get it fullscreen either since I can’t get to the menu or at least I don’t know how. I uninstalled and reinstalled earlier thinking it might work again from the install wizard but it just went straight to the error.

          1. Well there wasn’t an XML config. Found a document but not config. Deleted it to be safe. It still didn’t work and neither did compatibility mode. 🙁 maybe it just doesn’t want me to play it

    1. For compatibility select “8 bit” first, which will force the program to open in fullscreen. When you get to the title screen, if you want to run it in windowed, exit and select “16 bit”. When you restart it will be fullscreen, but having 16 bit selected will allow you to put it into windowed mode once you get to the in-game menu. It’s a bit of a workaround, but its the only way I’ve found that works. After that, make sure you set it to full screen every time before you close the program because on modern operating system 16 bit windowed game do not work properly.

  2. Everithing working ok, to me, thanks for everithing, sorry for bad english xD, I’am from “Brazil” soo… i not very good with this but i want to thank

          1. lol i don’t know how i missed it. i think i forgot because the other one dosen’t have one. so Eien no Aselia -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- is the prequel that you are talking about right?

  3. Ok I bought this game as a hard copy and installed it and ran it and it gave me this windowed black screen with the error code hr8876086c something about Direct3D Device cannot be initialized.

    I have tried the “fix” with enabling the “disable DPI” option and tried starting it in full screen, nothing seems to work. I really love the idea of this game so if anyone is able to help, REALLY appreciate it.

    1. try this
      1) From old USER or someone elses’, Type Regedit on SEARCH
      2) Click Regedit
      3) User Account Control pops up, Click continue
      4) Double-click HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder
      5) Double-click Software folder
      6) Scroll down, right-click Will folder
      7) Export and give a filename
      8) Copy/transfer the exported file to new USER
      9) Go to new USER and double-click the exported file
      10) Click yes to everything that pops up

      from Kuuhaku

  4. hi, want to ask whats the differences between this one and the steam version? because im already bought the one in steam,
    thanks in advance

  5. So i finally have the time to play this but i encountered some bug(?). During a certain period of time “can’t open SeinarukanaCDBV00xx(xx)” appears whenever voiced line of Nozomi is played and automatically muted the voices in the whole game. The game can still continue as normal if i disable Nozomi’s voice but it just feels weird with only her voice disabled. I didn’t encounter any error during extraction or installation either…anyone have the fix for this?

  6. This is not the Special Edition with Third Destination (the small prequel to Seinarukana with an explanation of why Euphie appears), right? I ask this because the third sample CG is of Euphie and Rogas, who is sometimes only briefly mentioned by Narukana, lying in the grass.
    If not, then is the special edition, or at least Third Destination, at least translated (plz say yes T_T). Sorry if this is extremely obvious.

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