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Naoto worked as the sous-chef at the mansion of the Amagi family, who owns the leading zaibatsu in Japan. One day, he was asked by the madame to assume the chef position at her daughter Sakuya’s school because she thought that she was acting strangely and she wanted him to report back on her.
Even though he felt overwhelmed being at the famous Maishiro girls’ school, he was still full of expectation for his new job. Then, his boss Yakumo gave him some shocking news: he will have to dress as a girl and attend school with Sakuya, since it was easier to keep an eye on her that way. Despite his resistance, he was introduced as the new student and cook, Chihiro. If his true gender is found out, then he might lose his job and be reported as a pervert. Will he be able to fulfill his duties as a cook and a student at the school?

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Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

  • CaЯlos Octaveno

    wait why is my game doesnt show anything? i run it on win 10 by the way. pls help.

    • no installed jap language or your system is not in jap system locale (try region and time too)

      • Qifays

        why is there a password?

        • Lê Hiếu


    • Lê Hiếu

      Use “Ntlea” , It works perfectly 🙂

  • Qifays

    i need the passwords

    • Gabby

      read the faq

      • Qifays


      • Qifays

        thanks and sorry XD

  • xKazuto Game

    mine… already change system local. time zone. country into jap

  • Ruben

    It seems that all of the Ensemble vns’ have text and sprite problems. I have both Japanese language and locale set but still get these problems with each of these vns

    • try to set your clock to JAP too and use the no region loader from FAQ

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