[Alice Soft] Rance 03 Leazas Kanraku

This is the remake of Rance III, the pioneer RPG which came out in 1991.
The gameplay has been completely revamped featuring a unique dungeon system with cards with several playable characters unlockable over the course of the game and the story changed in some ways to better adapt to the current plot of the ongoing games.
While the plot has overall remained unchanged, several characters have been added and their backgrounds given more depth. It’s also the first Rance game to include voice acting.

Rance 03 Remake Cover
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The Kingdom of Leazas was attaked by Prince Patton’s elite forces from the north. Then appeared demons of unsurpassed power which could not be hurt by anyone. The castle fell in an instant and the commanding princess Lia was taken prisoner. One ninja survived the fall of Leazas, along with the national treasure and the princess’s final message. Their last remaining hope lies in the free city Ice in the west: the brutish warrior and womanizer Rance.

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  1. so I downloaded the game (thanks) mounted the iso hit install and while the game is installing the folder is there I can go into the folder and see the files are all being installed but once the installation is complete the folder just 100% disappears no idea what’s going on.

    Can anyone help? thanks

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