Old but Gold, one of my favorite from Akatsuki Works

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“We are a team. No, a community…”

Legends tell of a mysterious woman known only as “Girl A”, who makes herself known to special individuals in a certain city and sings all throughout the night. One such night, Akihito meets four strangers as if guided by her beautiful voice…

There are no feelings of friendship nor any trust between the five individuals, yet they are able to control a huge monster — a steel black dragon — by combining their wills and cooperating with one another. Now, on the night they obtain this power, their extraordinary life begins…

Akihito later learns that a terrible price comes with the use of this power: If the monster should be destroyed, their “community” shall disappear along with it…

Five strangers brought together by destiny, they decide to enter the secret world of the “Coμnet” with the help of Kagome, a black witch…


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Vampire Princess of the Dead Apostles

  • Attis Rebirth

    This is one of my most favorite VN great music great story

  • MF Azral

    why I can’t play this vn…
    when I tried to open the .exe files, an error pop up

    • download this https://waa.ai/kqxT and extract it on your game folder

      • MF Azral

        Sorry for the very late reply,
        I’d tried the patch that you gave and it worked!!
        Thanks! 😀

  • Karis Araya

    when i tried to open the game this error appears

  • what is the password for the files?

  • noah

    password pls

  • Kawa-chan

    whats the point uploading the game if you don’t tell us the password, teasing?

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