Expansion plus new update for Custom Maid 3D 2, so yes you need to have the Custom Maid 3D 2 to install this

Custom Maid 3D 2 Plus Cover
Getchu | Official Website

expansion for Custom Maid 3D 2 with new maids class any many more


Useful pastebin

Download Link



Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

  • Mohamad Ichwan El-ibrohim


  • Akhnaf Naufal Taufiqurrahman

    So… This download link only for update and not the full game…???

  • Dany Ortega

    where is the pasword??

    • Ero Saru


  • Riza Nua

    err.. what or where is the password?

    • Ero Saru


  • Adam Bangun

    is this included with dlc?

  • WhiteDemon16

    having problem installing this, after mount n select 1st option 1st pop up, but if i select the 2nd option, the 2nd image pops up

    • try to put the update on your installation folder

      • Tony_a

        Hello, I have a similar problem… could you please tell what to do exactly? I tried what you suggested but I didn’t work. It seems that it can’t recognize the .exe file… idk plx help

  • Magma

    parts 3, 7 and 15 seems to be corrupted on my end.

    • try to repair it. I always include a 10 % repair record

      • Magma

        repairing the corrupted rar’s did not seem to work

        • try to redownload then from here

          • Magma

            redownloading the parts that got corrupted didn’t fix it either. also tried repairing the new downloads, but to no avail. is there a torrent available?

          • you can search for it on http://sukebei.nyaa.se for torrent
            that’s strange because i can extract it fine here ~~

          • Chris Florio

            i get this eror message for 3,7,and 15

            ! H:Custom Maid 3D 2+cm3d2plus.part03.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file 64 bit update.zip. Corrupt file or wrong password.

            ! H:Custom Maid 3D 2+cm3d2plus.part03.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file girlcelly@[Anime-sharing.com].txt. Corrupt file or wrong password.

            ! H:Custom Maid 3D 2+cm3d2plus.part03.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file H-Game uploaded by baka girlcelly – NemuAndHaruka.txt. Corrupt file or wrong password.

            ! H:Custom Maid 3D 2+cm3d2plus.part03.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file NemuAndHaruka.png. Corrupt file or wrong password.

          • try to repair it, preferrable you downloading using jdownloader

  • sorawp

    files corrupted :/

  • Mijin Gakure

    I got the patch to work, I think. I’m curious why you uploaded the same file 16 times over to the .zip file though? I’ve seen people do that before too, but never knew why. Also my game doesn’t say “Custom Maid 3D 2+” anywhere, there are no indications that the patch was installed, but all of the new content seems to be in place. That was kind of confusing.

  • Gorang Novus Ordo

    Did it’s works dude? The file is so biger for DM3D Plus

  • Jettoburakku

    God damn it can’t someone just include a way to install this shit?I’m confused.

    • IceDusan

      Posted the how to above your post.

      • accel lolita

        Can you explain it in detail? I still failed to understand it

        • IceDusan

          Prolly way too late on this, but did u manage to install it in the end?

  • IceDusan

    Mount disc 1 install zq/e to change the destination
    fCf > start install
    message half way mount disc 2
    click ok shortcut should be on desktop
    run update.exe from cm3d2_up101_x86
    Click both buttons on right
    Random message coming up click ok
    Close updater
    cm3d2plus iso mount
    update.exe from the ISO
    clicked top button of the 2
    click right button
    click right button on second window
    get error?
    get second error?
    Succeed? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Extract 64 bit up101
    run update.exe inside
    right button
    right button
    click ok finished updating
    trying cm3d2plus iso again
    trying top button again
    right button
    right button
    update succeeded
    press ok
    close update
    Get NTLEA
    Get patcher
    install patch
    Run ntlea browse using the "…"
    select cm3d2_86.exe
    click save and run

    • tho gau

      Can’t get the success after installing the x64 update on Windows 10.

  • IceDusan

    I’m working on translating some lines in-game as well.From the dialogue its not perfect but get VNR if you are interested in have some extra translations here and there. Its a community translator.

  • Sieghart

    Can I ask for the password of the encrypted file?

    • InvictusCrown

      In your right you’ll find ” Faq and password ” –

  • MrMuffins

    I’m having trouble installing, if I install CM3D2H from the disk driver it says it doesn’t have enough space, if I copy it onto my D drive and install it it says the file is broken caused by a error in download file itself or an error in reading the file
    Please help!

    • Iury Kozlowsky

      Where can I find the version 1.31?

  • Yuji Gasai

    wrong password

  • Nikufu

    Does anyone of you have the complete save data? (unlock all positions and more)

  • Nikufu

    oh, what update patch version(1.??) is CM3D 2+ pack?

  • Nikufu

    Can someone tell me on how to use this?(1st image)
    when I update them it keeps on error, (2nd and 3rd image selector, 4th image cm3d2plg_pp001)
    Can someone teach me on how to use this(update)

    • Jun July

      Credit to Nacyu @anime-sharing.com :

      What I did was I copied everything from the disc into a new folder. Then I checked the location where the file in the error was in and I found out that some files have _____ instead of words. I.e. the level0 file has become _____0. So all I did was rename the files according to the error with the name which is relevant and kept rerunning the installer.
      How long the _ is also signifies how many letters the file name supposedly had. I have no idea what caused the file names to distort but this is how I fixed it. :L

      • ZXY101

        I did what you said, it eventually installed but the game crashed when I tried to run it.

  • Adliawan Naufal

    already install CM3D2 plus, but Gallery button didn’t show up, pls help

  • Allen Croker-Smithers

    Can anyone explain what this problem is and what’s causing it? I have been trying to get this to work forever, and only bits of the DLC actually work

    • hmm you cant update because the plugin i guess

  • Snowel

    Where I can download HF Patch?

  • Tiong Ka Kai
  • Tiong Ka Kai

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