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Yamato was transferred to a new school due to his personality as a kind but meddling troublemaker. He joined the former girls’ school Seirinkan Academy, which recently became co-ed during reorganization. His classmates were at first perplexed by his transfer midway through the term, but they gradually accepted him after getting to know his good points.

However, there was someone who would not approve of him: the student council president Rio, who greatly hates men. There was a great commotion as many eccentric girls flocked to his side. It also seems that Rio holds a secret which she cannot tell others


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Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

  • Janferk

    Password Please. Mega 1, 2 , 3 , 4 part <– 🙁

    • Dwi_Edge

      see our FAQ

  • Ryandi Witjaksono

    why does the textbox is gibberish?

    • your windows locale/region/system language is not japan

      • Ryandi Witjaksono

        it fixs, thanks

  • Ryandi Witjaksono

    How to fix it?

  • Takumi na Leleng


    • Takumi na Leleng

      Langsung sedot :v

  • ikkey

    does this game have english patches?

  • Shiney79

    Why do so many anime/VN characters ‘hate men’?

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