Hello guys, edge is missing again /o/
and just a few days before monthly vn release, hope we can upload them all. This post just about software that i used daily

Strange Image

1. For Screenshot

I use ShareX and Puu.sh to screenshot since it’s easy to use.

2. For Recording and Streaming
I use Obs it’s free and open source but there’s many alternative like fraps and bandicam.

3. Music Player
I use Foobar2000 since it supports many file type and easy to customize
My Foobar 2000

4. Coding or editing some text
I love Sublime Text but there’s many alternative like Atom, Notepad++, Light Table and Bracket

5. Video Player
i still use k-lite mega codec pack from codecguide but if you want a simpler one you can use CCCP or Kawaii Codec Pack

6. C++ Library etc
if you don’t wanna have any trouble playing your games better install all Microsoft Visual C++ Library from 2005 to 2013 and don’t forget your .NET Framework and there’s some game (like bastion) who need XNA Framework to play

7. Chatting
i always online at IRC and LINE /o/ easy to use and you can online from your smartphone. I use mirc who still registered to Checkmate from Anime-Sharing *hope he will get his imouto wife soon*, but you can use free IRC Client like HexChat

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