Released last year, but download version just came out recently. Princess Material by Xiguratt Works offers you a customizeable H-simulation in the form of visual novel. You can change their hairstyle, costumes, and even better, the boobs size~

Xiguratt Works Princess Material CoverTitle: Princess Material
Original title: プリンセスマテリアル
Length: Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer: Xiguratt Works
Release Date: 2014-10-31

VNDB | Getchu

Enjoy tons of erotic content and fun crafting gameplay in this adult fantasy simulation game. Romance fantasy heroines, craft items, and use your items to unlock a huge variety of H-scenes. You can even customize the heroines to your liking, with a number of breast sizes, hairstyles, and costumes to choose from.


Sample CGs
NSFW, see getchu.

Download Link

  • Luke Estepa

    I downloaded the 7 parts, but it’s now asking me for a password. I cant seem to find one. if someone could tell me what I’m doing wrong, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Luke Estepa

      terribly sorry, I found the password on your FAQ and it worked. problem solved.

      • Dwi_Edge


  • eric dampierre

    when i try to start installing the game i get this error message. I tried using another version of the game (found on another site) but the result what the same. Could someone explain me what went wrong ?

    • try to move all files to your HDD and install it from there

      • eric dampierre

        I copied it on my HDD and now get this error when trying to launch the PM_inst

  • eric dampierre

    I somehow managed to install the game. (for some reason both the installation and the game don’t work when my local for non-unicode programs is in japanese however it work when my local is in french) I still have problems though. The game is crashing upon starting a new game. According to the error log it is because it can’t find the video file (opening). Could someone upload a save where the opening video has already been watch so that i can play the game ?

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