This is the version of Shiny Days that restore some removed scenes from older version of the patch. Before you ask, yes, it is in ENGLISH.

Shiny Days English CoverVNDB | Getchu

Setsuna starts doing part-time during the summer break at the popular seaside cafe Radish even though she isn’t used to being a waitress. It is because Makoto, who she secretly has feelings for, lives nearby and she might happen to meet him. Instead, she has a disastrous first meeting with Inori, who ends up rooming with her. Basically a remake of Summer Days with the addition of a new heroine: Inori.


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  • Hentai no kami

    Do this version has the same ending crash bug that JAST USA reported?
    I mean this:
    By the way, thank you so much for the game =)

    • since it’s from JAST. Probably yes

  • Diego Susunaga

    What`s the Rar Password? Please

  • Wayna Kisana

    i can download part 21

  • Javier Mogollon

    i have a problem with SHINYDAYS_101e_restorepatch

    • put the patch in shiny days folder

      • Javier Mogollon

        the patch file or the patch folder

  • Cuong

    are you kidding? looks like school day to me

    • :D

      shiny days is schooldays characters and story that is uncensored and more content. and is a separate game.

      • Enoxent

        heyyy, you again, this is really starting to get weird

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