[Nyan Nyan] JK Trouble Main”s

2nd Installment from Nyan Nyan, JK Trouble Main”s. They sure have interesting and working UI, I mean, it’s nice to have more ADV-styled VN’ out there.

JK Trouble Main cover
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Haruto is the heir to the wealthiest household in the world, but he’s still only a student spending happy-go-lucky days at Amagi Gakuen. Then one day, he fell in love with his classmate Hisa. He sought advice from his classmate-cum-maid Emi, who began to secretly investigate Hisa to know her nature better.

Then, Emi heard an awful moan and found her respected master passed out on the ground in a strange position. Next to him was a crying frightened Hisa. Emi was completely dumbfounded at the turn of events. Will his first love come true? Or rather, would they be able to salvage their past relationships?


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9 thoughts on “[Nyan Nyan] JK Trouble Main”s”

  1. I’m very sorry for the noob question, but how can i choose the installation folder ? i tried running the setup but there’s no such option, the first thing popped up when i ran the setup is the product ID activation.

    Thanks in advance

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