Game Review: Soma Bringer (NDS) (ENG Patched)

Hello, Dwi_Edge here and I’m going to review a NDS Game called Soma Bringer. This beautiful J-RPG never got localized to US so people might not know about it. But there’s english patch for the game, so I hope this will get more people to play it.

Soma Bringer Art

Soma Bringer Cover

Game Title: Soma Bringer
Original Title: ソーマブリンガー
Release Date: 2008-02-27
Developer: Monolith Soft
Genre: RPG
Languages: English (Fan made translation)
Patch version: 2009-02-02


In a world where the a magical energy source known as Soma drives the technology and daily lives of all its inhabitants, there lies a huge continent named Barnea. In recent years, the natural balance of Soma has been disrupted by the arrival of mysterious beings called Visitors. To investigate these occurrences, Secundady – the organization that regulates Soma in the world, creates a military division to deal with these Visitors – the Pharzuph. The story follows the seven members of the 7th Division of the Pharzuph. What they discover on one of their missions will determine the fate of the world…


This game have a simple-yet-wonderful battle system, they give you option to explore the vast Barnea, sometimes finding Visitors or normal monsters. Do Quests, farm weapons, play with your friends (yes, you can play multiplayer), slay bosses, and many more. But the most appealing part of the gameplay is the customization, let’s take a look. Credit for information regarding this game to


Yes, you can choose 1 from 8 playable character, (7 actually, you need to beat the game once to get Idea). Cool, eh? no? Then next, is you can CHOOSE YOUR OWN CLASS! Depending on the class, you can also choose: One-handed Weapons, Two-handed Weapons, Dual Wielding, Spears, Bows, Guns, Hand-to-hand, Two-handed Polearms, and Staves.



Nice, isn’t it? Class is locked to your character, but you can choose and change weapons + skills whenever you like.

soma12soma14 soma13

Okay, you’re now set, you have your own class and weapon. By the way I choose Millers with Gunner Class and I’m using gun and bows (depending on the enemy). Actually, she is not a Gunner, if you play as another character, she’s actually a Kampf (DPS Meele), but who cares? I wanted her to be Gunner so I picked it. … Oh wait, if you beat the game, you’ll unlock extra styles for your character.


You also can level your stats to whatever you like. Stats are maxed at 255, life and SP at 9999, attack speed at 170%, run speed at 180%. Yeah, I need to kite enemies so I focus on maxing AtkSpeed and MovSpd (you can get them from Equipments and/or buffs), there’s also elements resistance, mine is higher than that but this one is from expert difficulty where your stats got lowered a bunch.


Now, now… the journey to defeat Visitors is dangerous and hard, but don’t worry, you are given 2 AI to fight alongside you. If you have friends to play with then your friends can replace the AI.


Me, as a gunner need a meele company to help.  Yes, you also can somewhat customize how the AI works


Next is the Skills, skill tree.. Gunners in every MMO game is always a kiting-ranged-dps machine. That Chain shot ability is amazing 🙂

 soma3soma23soma24 soma22

Take a look at the items


From your adventure, you’ll get stronger weapons and armors, they’ll appear in-game and also you can view them from item menu

soma21 soma20

soma19 soma18

You can also insert Orb to make your gear stronger and versatile


Last is gameplay, you can find youtube videos for better view, but here’s some from mine

soma16 soma10 soma 1soma2


Hmm, this game is probably not meant for everyone, and nowadays you can find similar games on better consoles… but if you like:

  1. Customizeable J-RPG
  2. Older release, it’s 2008 after all
  3. Solid Story and Gameplay
  4. Multiplayer… but I don’t have friends.
  5. Dungeon Exploring, Adventure, Hunting Bosses.

Then you need to try this!, buy it from japan if it’s still available. Otherwise get an emulator and play.

Me personally give this game: 9/10

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            there’s like one patch that labeled complete even though it’s not v1.0

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