Now I have lost my inspiration for a witty comeback sentence for a post, let’s just go to the VN…

Title: Sono Kojou ni Yuusha Hou Ari!
Original title: その古城に勇者砲あり!
Developer: SofthouseChara
Release Date: 2015-12-18


The hero Oura arrived at an old castle on his journey to defeat the demon king. By chance, he discovered an ancient super-weapon called the ‘hero cannon’ (yuusha-hou), which only activates after having sex with girls! Together with the failure succubus Tina, envious osananajimi and healer Flare, overly serious royal knight Mira, and selfish magician Ekuri, Oura’s ecchi battle begins!


Download Link

  • Teru Mikami

    Sorry but…
    your download link is for another game (akagoei trinity)
    not for this game

    • sorry, fixed

      • Teru Mikami

        This is the only thing that i can do though

  • temporaryuser381

    thanx for this. 😀

  • Chifuyu Chan

    Pasword RAR please

    • don’t be a lazy person pls, look at about page, FAQ Section

    • Chifuyu Chan

      okey ._.

  • Brainanda Talydeppa Alirahman

    by the way, do you have the walkthrough? Japan is okay, I want to get Korona and Lacrima chara

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