[SMILE] Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma.


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“My virginity is under fire!”

Located off the grounds of the regular campus is a special dormitory designed as a rehabilitation resort for useless, failed, and generally good for nothing otherworldly creatures. It is here that our protagonist finds himself employed for tending to their needs.

Surrounded by cute girls like his succubus-childhood friend Riria, NEET bro-con angel sister-in-law Emiri, cold-sensitive snow-woman Yuu, stripper mummy Arle, and dimwitted witch Miyabi. Will the protagonist’s virginity stay intact for long?


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uh, Sayori Neko?


Author: Chyvalle

Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

36 thoughts on “[SMILE] Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma.”

  1. I downloaded the files but I don’t have the password and I don’t know what to do with theese.
    Can you help me please?

      1. Just woke up one day tried to lauch it after launching everything in the file i had. Sorry for not helping more 🙁

  2. what do i do when i have this, i already changed language and local in japaneese (I think).
    Help is needed please

  3. Hi, I got this problem: after i extract the rar files and mount the iso it shows some weird characters like this:
    Anyone else got this problem or a fix for it?

  4. Guys, how to unlock the final scenes of the game, I just have one scene of each character are not enabled, what to do?

  5. Hi guys ! I have a problem, my game doesn’t lauch :/ Here is the problem : 18:37:57 Syntax error (syntax error) at line 8791
    18:37:57 Invalid character ‘’ at line 8791

    Do oyu know how to solve that ?

    Thanks in advance !

  6. I just wanted to ask. What is the password? I have downloaded the mega
    files. I tried to extract the files and a box came up asking for a

      1. When I try extracting everything from WinRAR, it tells me the files are encrypted and that I need a password to interact with them.. Do you know the password or how to get around this?

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