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Just as Mimori Ichirou, a non-commissioned officer serving as a Zero fighter pilot during the Pacific War, was about to launch a kamikaze attack against an enemy warship, he instead found himself crash-landing in the middle of an unfamiliar desert. However, before he could perish from aimlessly wandering the sand-covered wastes, he was saved by a princess capable of transforming into a dragon.

As a stranger in an even stranger land with no directions to guide him, Ichirou – driven by a promise once made – nonetheless resolved himself to find his way back home to Japan, even if all that awaited him was certain death.


Sample CG

I want to play this game but i don’t have time for it ~~

-Download Link-

X-Rated Patch Needed for 18+ Stuff



Just your typical weeb. I won't answer any questions that already available in our FAQ section especially password *sigh*

  • poyon2


  • MF Azral

    link can’t be accessed anymore…

      • MF Azral

        kinda weird when i just finished download the second part of the x-rated patch, then I can’t accessed the mega links for it…

        anyway, thanks for the link…

        • because i accidentaly deleted it /o/

  • Kuuhaku Sin

    the X-rated patch of your link it say not safe for download, i cant download it =-= so can you update another or fix that problem plz, thank you.

    • i don’t get it @_@
      It’s normal here, can you give me your screenshot or use browser free VPN like zenmate/tunnelbear or flyVPN if you have to
      If you have this kind of warning
      just click that ignore this warning and you can download it

  • Minh Nguyen

    Hey i tried the default two passwords in the FAQ for extracting the rars but it keeps coming back was wrong password or corrupt file. I “recovered archive” for every rar (1-14) and tried again but that still didnt work out, any password suggestions would be great!

    • Chyvalle

      zantedeschia is working as password

  • Ade Fauzy

    what i suppose to do whit this ?

  • Ade Fauzy

    how i can put the pasword in ?

    • there’s already a txt file inside the rar –a
      じぶらるたるからそらをこえてきたみたいだ put this

  • Unvek Gsk

    I can’t download it. “Server ERROR 403 – Forbidden: Access is denied.
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.”

    I’m sad :'(

  • Janusz Fabrowski

    I can ‘t download Proper authorization is required to access this resource

  • Janusz Fabrowski
  • Nara Genjiro

    single link pls

  • Cuong

    I think I know the reason why I can’t go in. before I try to enter a asian website and I can’t go in. because it required asian internet while I’m in US. so I use Hola extension from Chrome. to change US to Japan and I can go in. I wonder what this web region

  • Sol Avetow


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