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The creator of the world, the Holy Mother Eve, gave two commandments: one must not kill another human, and one must only have one partner for life. However, knights are exempted from the latter divine rule, so that they can produce powerful offspring to fight against monsters. Somewhere in the land, there was a young man Asterisk who wished to marry the beautiful twin sisters who raised him. He decided that he will become a knight and get lots of wives! Thus, he set out on his journey with great enthusiasm and ambition.


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Vampire Princess of the Dead Apostles

  • Adre Dwi Wiratama

    dazzling artwork from alicesoft as always..

  • James Loh

    is the link up? because i cant seem to download it

  • Matawaran Jay

    where do i get the password for the link

    • the password is either zantedeschia or craneanime you can read it on faq page above

  • Checkmate

    First time playing this kind of game for me and i’m lost with all these part. Should i extract all of them in the same folder or in separate folders ?

  • Bill

    I download and unzip and I get everything but the game, just pictures

  • Naba Happyka

    what package password to access download link??

  • –__(-_-)__/–

    is this in english or in japanese language? ty if ur gonna answer me.

  • Ricky Ong

    How to install it ?

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